The Road

In my –unfortunately not so short anymore– life I learnt not to listen to three things: tv, tv and tv. For everything else I’m all ears 24/7 but there is a voice that often fades in the noise, that of the Road… I only managed to grasp her soft whisper twice and each time I learnt a traveling commandment:

  1. Act as if you already live in the world you dream of and reality will adjust accordingly 
  2. Never plan anything: this way nothing can go wrong  and planning is useless if not frustrating anyway…

So here I am setting off for my next journey with one simple idea in my head: see the worldpossibly all of it-. I have no time restrictions. Ideally I would like to spend a year in each continent and avoid any polluting mean of transportation, so hitchhike rides on sailing boats to cross oceans.

The best Italian bicycle maker –Roberto Bressan– just finished building me a touring bike. Now I’m about to take my new born at home and  fit it out for the trip. I’m going to leave from my hometown around the third week of May 2016. In my “non-planning” I’d like to start cycling from America than Oceania, Asia, Africa and Europe last. However as the Atlantic crossing is only possible from October to February the first leg of trip will be in Europe. I’m aiming to cycle to Ireland first and spend the summer there where some friends are willing to help me master the basics of sailing –never done it before…- and than cycle backdown to Gibraltar in the fall to catch my ride to ireland


So between my home town and Dublin there is about a 1800 km ride, which I guess I can do in about 20/25 days. I’m traveling extremely low budgetas usual- so I’m carrying a tent, and will try to camp wherever possible and impossible and will search hosts through couchsurfing or warmshowers along the way, and hey, if you’re on my way feel free to invite me to your place and I’ll happily share some traveling tales with you!