About me

Hi! I’m Darinka and I was born in Baveno 35 years ago, a quiet little “one horse town” by the peaceful sides of Lake Maggiore. I moved to England as soon as I could get out of it and graduated in Photographic Arts from Westminster University in 2004. After that I’ve been on a endless journey through many countries and lived over all continents –except the poles. Life has taken me on a roller coaster of adventures. I’ve done any sort of crazy job you can imagine, from teaching English to Laotian kids to massaging poker player’s heads in casinos. I’ve been a bikini bartender, I owned a restaurant, I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor, I’ve slept in squats and five stars hotel and absorbed as a sponge the journey who made me into what I am now.

However the only word who everyone will agree defines the best is GIPSY. So far I’ve embarked some challenging overland trips as the one from Vientiane to Helsinki, crossing all central Asia, a civil war in Kyrgyzstan, hitchhiking up the mountains to find myself sleeping in a Yurt, a fantastic nomadic tent made of sheep skin with a local family involved in the production of fermented horse milk. South America from Buenos Aires to Bogotà exploring the moonlike landscape of the Atacama’s desert and dancing salsa under the rain in Santa Marta. Australia’s outback, working as a skimpy (a bikini bartender) in the mine sites and discover the sad reality of the disappearing aboriginal culture, the “bikies’ and the most inhospitable continent I’ve ever set foot on.

A couple of years ago I decided it was time for a great change. I was tired of adapting to the world around me and wanted to take matter into my own hands. I quitted my last job and I decided to simply focus on my passions: TRAVELING, WRITING, PHOTOGRAPHY, and DREAMING.  So I started my own project. I walked 3000 km from the very bottom of  Italy to the top, with a diary, a camera, no money and a box in which I collected people’s dreams. I called it walkaboutitalia. The performance of walkabout was a search of what’s left of our deepest desires in a society that struggles to monopolise everything, even fantasies. Walkabout was an expedition in search of trust and solidarity, a journey among the external and internal landscape of my country and its people.

My long walk first turned into a blog and soon after into a book, and to promote it I traveled all around Italy again, but this time with an electric bamboo bicycle and a small chariot attached to it in which I carried up to 60 books at the time. My first book has been a success in terms of independent publishing and I now finished writing my second one which will come out soon!

THINGS I LIKE: Spin on my toes in the middle of an empty street at night. Light candles in churches leaving no offer. Taking pictures. Look at them after a very long time. Semiotics. Psychology and dreams. Art and artists. politics but not politicians. independent movies, horror movies.The Cinema. The smell of the cinema, the queue to get pop corns at the cinema. The trailers before the movie. Holding hands, share a tear with a stranger. Smoke a cigarette while talking about the movie, whatever weather condition outside The Cinema right after the Movie. Silence. Swimming with fishes, dancing with fishes. Irony, the fire place, my birthday, parquet floors, the lake in the winter, sexy blues, la Sicilia, trains. Spend the whole day in bed making love, watching movies talking art, smoking cigarettes while drinking wine. A tree house. A well made Bloody Mary, Dylan Dog, Gothic Cathedrals. Unexpected gifts. Old medium format cameras. Phones that are only phones. Playing with fire. vintage clothing, crazy parties, cook yummy things, chat & wino. Pizza&beer,edamame & sake. laugh, happy/hippy…the smell of the air after the rain, the smell of an old book. Getting lost in a city I’ve never been to. Give sexy looks to strangers on trains going the other way. Everywhere. Not knowing. All animals, some people.

THINGS I DON’T LIKE Racism, Flying, Tv. People you don’t know who message you on Facebook saying only “Hi” or “Hello”. Bad jokes. Anyone who tries to poke my belly button.